Blue Ash Sports Complex

The Blue Ash Sports Center (11540 Grooms Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242) was formally opened in May 1987. Today, the center is a premier 37-acre facility, comprised of 11 baseball fields and two soccer fields. The fields are maintained by an in-house ground maintenance crew. With specialized equipment and an experienced staff, they are able to keep the fields and grounds well maintained throughout the season. Situated at the center of the 275 loop, Blue Ash Sports Complex is easy for teams to travel to.

Crosley Field was reconstructed by using the blueprints from the original stadium, including the same field dimensions, a grass infield, the infamous outfield terrace and an exact replica of the outfield wall. To add to the authenticity of the reconstruction project, over 400 original Crosley Field stadium seats comprise the stands on the 3rd baseline.

Riverfront field (3) has also been renovated and synthetic turf installed. This valuable asset helps our teams play and practice when the weather does not cooperate. In 2016, new covered dugouts were installed making the environment at Riverfront even more appealing.